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Your CFO on demand

Professional Finance services 

Let's work together to;  

Analyze & Learn from the Past

Control the Present

Build the Future


At Shenhav Finance, I offer a comprehensive range of financial consulting services tailored to meet your business needs.

My services include financial analysis, budgeting, cash flow management, and strategic financial planning.

 Additionally, I provide specialized support for startups, helping them with financial modeling, fundraising strategies, and navigating the financial challenges of early-stage growth.

With over 15 years of experience, I am committed to providing personalized and professional solutions that help businesses optimize their financial performance and achieve their goals. Let me help you navigate the complexities of financial management and drive your business forward.

Financial Services for Medical Centers 

Tailored Services for Medical Centers and Clinics.

Managing clinic financials, controlling the business expenses and monthly cash flow.

Identify and highlight opportunities for financial efficiency and cost savings.

Work closely with the doctor and clinic management to promote growth and maximize profit potential.

Treatments Profitability

Evaluate the clinic’s treatment profitability, establish the optimal treatment mix, and identify key profit drivers

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Cash Flow

Ongoing Cash Flow management, oversee receivables from surgery rooms and health institutions, and stay on top of costs and suppliers


Control Billing 

Control and monitor patients billing, Highlight billing issues 


Clinic Staff Commissions

Create a compensation model based on targets vs. performance for clinics' staff

Treatment Pricing

Provide customized pricing for clinic treatments based on material costs, market prices and demand

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Reconciliation with Surgery Rooms

Control and monitor Surgeon's Compensation,  insure accurate payments by the surgery rooms

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